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Swedish Band/ Inkle Loom

Step-by-step building plans for a floor sized fixed heddle Swedish Band/Inkle Loom - a perfect way to weave!

Looking for a fun hobby?
Or are you an experienced weaver looking for an easier to use, faster way to weave? Why not give the Swedish Band/ Inkle Floor Loom a try!

The Swedish Band/ Inkle Loom is used to weave beautiful woven bands that can be used as belts or lovely decoration when added to garments or jackets. The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination! Fixed heddle continuous warp looms are most likely prehistoric. Looms like this have been in use in Europe for over 200 years!

Building a Floor Swedish Band/ Inkle Loom is very easy and low cost with our full sized patterns and step by step instructions. Basic warping and weaving instructions are also included. Large and sturdy enough to make using it easy, compact enough to easily store when not in use, and lovely enough to be past on as an heirloom.

The Floor Swedish Band/ Inkle Loom is not only easy to build, it is easy to use. Far faster and easier to master than card weaving techniques! Even far easier to use than many of the other looms on the market. The set-up is quick and easy. Warp is wound directly on to the loom. You can start weaving as soon as your warp is ready. Instead of tying to the back beam, winding on, threading through heddles, etc ... as you do with most looms - you weave immediately! Since this is a floor loom you can weave from the comfort of your favorite easy chair.
If we can do it anybody can!

Once you get the rhythm you can even weave while watching TV or chatting with your friends. What could be a more relaxing and productive hobby? The Floor Inkle Loom is perfect for wiling away those winter evenings and turning out one of a kind, artistic gifts.

$18.00 - WEBSITE Special! - includes Free Delivery by First Class Mail!